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4pcs Silicone Drum Stick Head Rubber Sleeve Caps to Mute, Damper and Silent practice / Drumstick Caps

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Description :

Silicone drum stick head rubber sleeve caps are innovative accessories designed to provide drummers with a means to mute, dampen, and practice quietly. These caps fit over the tips of drumsticks, reducing the impact and sound produced when striking drums and cymbals. Ideal for silent practice sessions and achieving a controlled, subdued sound.

Technical Specifications:

•Material: Made from soft and durable silicone rubber.

•Compatibility: Fits most standard drumstick sizes.

•Application: Slips onto the tips of drumsticks easily.

•Texture: Textured surface for enhanced grip and control.

Key Features:

•Noise Reduction: Effectively dampens sound, allowing for discreet and noise-reduced practice sessions.

•Protective: Shields drum and cymbal surfaces from excessive wear and tear caused by regular drumstick impact.

•Natural Feel: Retains a natural drumstick feel and rebound, aiding in technique development.

•Easy Application: Simple slip-on design ensures quick installation on drumstick tips.

•Versatile Use: Suitable for drummers of all levels – from beginners learning techniques to professionals practicing intricate patterns.


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