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AW 2010A Hi-Hat Stand with Toggle Link & 2 Double Braced Leg (Suitable for Double Pedal) - 2010A / 2010-A / Hihat Stand

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Description :

The AW 2010A Hi-Hat Stand with Toggle Link & 2 Double Braced Leg is a professional-grade hi-hat stand designed to provide stability, durability, and smooth performance. It is specifically built to accommodate double pedal setups, offering a reliable and versatile solution for drummers.

- Construction:
The stand features a robust and sturdy construction, built to withstand the demands of regular use. It is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity.

- Toggle Link Design:
The stand incorporates a toggle link mechanism, which provides a responsive and smooth action for precise control over the hi-hat cymbals. This design helps to deliver consistent and reliable performance.

- Double Braced Legs:
The stand is equipped with two double-braced legs, which provide excellent stability and support. The double-braced design ensures the stand remains steady, even during intense playing or when used with a double bass pedal.

The AW 2010A Hi-Hat Stand is designed to accommodate double pedal setups. Its sturdy construction and stability make it suitable for use with double bass pedals, ensuring reliable performance even under heavy playing.

- Pedal Response:
The stand is engineered to provide a responsive and smooth pedal feel. This allows for precise control and quick footwork, making it ideal for drummers who require fast and intricate hi-hat patterns.


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