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MOOER GE1000 Guitar Amp Modelling and Multi Effects Pedal with Touch Screen - GE1000 / GE-1000

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Description :

GE1000 is a new generation of intelligent integrated effect device based on the third generation of Magic digital integrated hardware platform, and there are GE1000 regular version and GE1000 Li built-in 7.4V 4750mAh lithium battery version. The GE1000 is equipped with a 5-inch HD touch screen and intuitive UI operation to provide users with a new experience, and supports MNRS speaker sampling data, up to 2048 points of third-party IR box simulation, and the first more than 280 effects selection, supporting innovative AI balance master can bring richer inspiration for sound adjustment according to the music style type. There are drum machine, loop recording, tuning meter and other powerful auxiliary functions, and support computer upper computer adjustment and APP tone sampling and sharing.

  • • A new GE flagship series based on the MOOER third-generation integrated hardware platform, with a new Walkstar design language
  • • Regular version (GE1000) and built-in lithium battery version (GE1000 Li) are available
  • • GE1000 Li built-in custom removable 7.4V 4750mAh lithium battery, up to 6 hours of battery life
  • • 5-inch HD touch screen with intuitive UI operation to provide users with a new user experience
  • • Rich effect types are optional, and support effect module reuse
  • • Supports the loading and use of massive MNRS speaker sampling data, with a total of 50 free loading positions and 255 cache positions
  • • Supports loading of up to 2048 points of third party IR cabinet analog sampling, with a total of 50 free load locations and 255 cache locations
  • • Flexible interface to meet the musician's application in various scenarios
  • • Continue the most distinctive shortcut module button design of GE series
  • • Innovative AI Equalization master can provide more inspiration for timbre adjustment according to music style type;
  • • String/parallel TRS stereo FX LOOP can be set, supporting the use of your favorite effects, and can adjust the position of FX LOOP in the effects chain.
  • • Dedicated computer editing software and mobile APP can share and download preset and sample data
  • • Support connecting Magic F4 wireless pedal for extended control;
  • • Support as a MIDI controlled device, through the MIDI controller to control its function and tone switching; Also used as a control device,
  • • Control preset switching of external MIDI devices.
  • • Professional low latency ASIO USB sound card features up to 192kHz sampling rate, providing a one-stop audio workstation solution for guitarists,
  • • Groove Station module integrates Drum machine and Phrase loop functions that support synchronization, which is a good assistant for musicians to create
  • • Support Bluetooth audio input for accompaniment playback
  • • Built-in high-precision tuning module to maintain the intonation of the instrument at any time
  • • Type-C port Connects to a PC for software editing, USB Audio, and USB MIDI functions


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