• PTU-52B
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Phenyx Pro

Phenyx Pro PTU-52B Dual Wireless Microphone System - 30 Adjustable Frequency ( PTU52 / PTU 52 )

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Description :

The Phenyx Pro PTU-52B Dual Wireless Microphone System is a versatile wireless microphone system designed for various applications such as live performances, presentations, karaoke, and more. It includes one handheld wireless microphone and one bodypack transmitter, providing flexibility for different performance scenarios.

  • • System Type: Dual wireless microphone system
  • • Microphone Types: The system includes one handheld wireless microphone and one bodypack transmitter. The handheld microphone is ideal for vocal performances, while the bodypack transmitter allows for the connection of a lavalier or headset microphone, providing hands-free operation and versatility for presenters or performers.
  • • Frequency Range: The system operates within a wide frequency range, offering 30 adjustable frequencies to choose from. This allows for flexibility in selecting frequencies with minimal interference.
  • • Operating Range: The system offers a generous operating range, typically up to 80-100 feet (line-of-sight) for optimal performance without interference.
  • • Channels: The system features two separate channels, allowing for individual microphone pairing to prevent interference and ensure reliable signal transmission.
  • • Antenna: The receiver unit is equipped with detachable antennas for improved signal reception and transmission.
  • • Audio Quality: The system delivers high-quality audio reproduction, capturing vocals and other sound sources with clarity and accuracy.
  • • Controls: The receiver unit features controls for adjusting volume levels, individual microphone channel selection, and overall system settings.
  • • LCD Display: The receiver unit is equipped with an LCD display that provides clear information about the selected channel, frequency, signal strength, battery status, and more.
  • • Connectivity: The receiver unit features balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" outputs, providing versatile connectivity options to sound systems or mixing consoles.
  • • Power Supply: The system includes AC power adapters for both the receiver unit and the handheld microphone, ensuring consistent power supply during performances.
  • • Battery Life: The handheld microphone operates on AA batteries, providing extended battery life for uninterrupted performances. The bodypack transmitter typically operates on a single 9V battery.
  • • Durability and Build: The microphone and receiver unit are built with sturdy materials to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance.
  • • Portability: The system is designed to be portable and easy to set up, making it suitable for various venues and on-the-go applications.


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