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Violin Chin Rest Mounting ( CRMH )

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Description : 

CRMH 1/2

The Violin Chin Rest Mounting for 1/2 size offers a convenient solution for attaching a chin rest to a half-size violin. This accessory enhances comfort and stability during play, ensuring a more enjoyable and focused musical experience.

Technical Specifications:

•  Compatibility: Designed specifically for 1/2 size violins

•  Material: Durable materials for reliable attachment

•  Mounting Type: Easily attachable to the violin's body

Key Features:

• Tailored Fit: Precisely designed for 1/2 size violins, the mounting ensures a secure and precise fit, accommodating the violin's smaller dimensions perfectly.

•  Comfortable Support: The attached chin rest provides a comfortable and padded area for the violinist's chin, minimizing discomfort and fatigue during extended playing sessions.

•  Stable Attachment: The mounting securely fastens the chin rest to the violin's body, preventing movement and ensuring a consistent placement, helping players maintain proper posture.

•  Effortless Installation: The mounting process is straightforward, making it easy for players or technicians to attach the chin rest without complicated adjustments or modifications.

•  Enhanced Playability: With the chin rest in place, young violinists playing a 1/2 size violin can focus on their music without the distraction of discomfort, contributing to improved practice and performance experiences.

CRMH 4/4

The Violin Chin Rest Mounting for 4/4 size is an essential accessory designed to provide comfortable and secure support for violinists while playing. This attachment ensures proper positioning of the chin rest on a full-size (4/4) violin, enhancing both playing comfort and technique.

Technical Specifications:

•  Compatibility: Designed specifically for 4/4 size violins

•  Material: Durable and lightweight materials, often made from wood

•  Mounting Method: Attaches easily to the violin's body using screws or clamps

•  Adjustability: Some models allow for height and angle adjustments to suit individual preferences

•  Compatibility with Chin Rests: Compatible with a variety of chin rest designs for customization

Key Features:

•  Precision Fit: Tailored to fit 4/4 size violins perfectly, ensuring stability during play.

•  Comfortable Design: Provides ergonomic support, reducing strain on the musician's neck and shoulder.

•  Secure Attachment: Firmly attaches to the violin without damaging the instrument's finish.

•  Adjustable Positioning: Some models offer adjustable height and angle options for personalized comfort.

•  Versatile Compatibility: Works with a range of chin rest styles, accommodating diverse playing preferences.


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